Iremember my grandmother's kitchen. My grandfather built it. It was designed for someone who loved to cook. When you stood in the middle, you were surrounded on three sides by hard maple. The cabinets, hung just a little bit low so the shelves would never be too high for aging arms, had glass panes at eye level so no time would be wasted looking for molasses in the wrong place. Two long counters provided ample space to prepare a Thanksgiving feast, and the Lazy Susan in the lower cabinet where Grandma kept the stuffing handy (it was also the best hiding place in the house - perfect for licking the big wooden cookie spoon away from the greedy eyes of jealous siblings!). Off to one side, the old fireplace had been converted into a breakfast nook that was just the right size for two people who didn't mind being cozy.

Nothing was too good for my grandmother. My grandfather built her a kitchen designed to last a hard lifetime - and it did. Nothing there ever sagged, stuck or broke. He built things that fit a particular person in a particular place and as he did it, he passed his knowledge and his skills along to my father. Together, they built every piece of furniture in the house, from the dressers in the bedrooms to the worktable in the basement. Everything my father learned from that work, he taught me. Now it's my turn to use what I've learned. I'm still using the pieces that my father and grandfather built - and your grandchildren will be using the pieces I build for you long after I'm gone.

The items you'll find here are a small, but representative, sampling of the fine woodwork we do at Dovetails. Please take a few minutes to get to know us, and then get in touch. We can be reached by email at mike@dovetailsfinewoodworking.com We want to help you build your future, one piece at a time.

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