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Eddie Stipe has been working with fine woods since the mid Sixties. For sixteen years he worked as a paramedic for the local ambulance, but when an on-the-job injury forced him to look for a new vocation, he turned to business administration and accounting. In 1996 Eddie decided he was ready to devote himself full-time to woodworking, and gathering a few skilled craftsman around him he set up shop.

Dovetails believes in meeting the unique needs of our individual clients. When we talk about our "grandmother's kitchen", we're not suggesting that we create a copy of it for you (she was so short you'd probably end up banging your head everytime you reached for the cinnamon!). We're not interested in building the same kitchen, table or rocking horse for fifteen different clients; we're interested in building fifteen different kitchens where fifteen unique individuals can bake memories for fifty grandchildren. We love working with architects and interior designers to create spaces for living that are as exceptional as the people who enjoy them.

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